Scope Of Services

Our Scope of Services

  • Architectural Design
  • Structural Design
  • Quantity Surveying & Cost Estimating
  • Interior Design & Decoration
  • Construction – Residential, Condominiums, Hotels, Commercial and Religious Building
  • Project Management
  • Supervision
  • M & E Design and Installation
  • Landscaping
  • Steel Structure for Factories

Our Design Approach

We exhibit flexibility – constantly adapt to new ideas, methods and challenges keeping abreast with the modern design trends.

We exhibit creativity – approach and accept each and every fresh task or activity without prejudice.

We attribute the project’s success by minimizing wastage, maximizing affordable products for our clients.


Architectural Design, Structural Design, Quantity Surveying & Cost Estimating, Interior Design & Decoration, M&E Design and Installation, Project management, Supervision, Construction, Residential, Shop-House, Condominium, Hotel, Commercial and Religious Building, Landscaping, Fencing, Steel Structure for factories.

As a full-service construction company, Asia Speed essentially assists clients from the very outset to the completion of their project.

We become partners with our clients in understanding the five basic functions of:

  • Defining and establishing the scope of the construction project
  • Pre-construction project planning including preparation and scheduling of the projects, phasing plans, budgeting/cost-modeling, subcontractor qualifiacation etc.
  • On-site execution of the project includes scheduling, quality control, safety management, subcontractor management, and status reporting and change management.
  • Monitoring and controlling the project
  • Closing of the project related to the post construction activities.

We Are Different

We do not just construct buildings or residences. We discuss with our clients, understand their needs and also supplement innovative and practical design concepts to further enhance their initial preconceived ideas.

The client meets our top notch team, browse through our diverse selection of designs and then visualize the personal ideal design.

Our team will transform the perceived concept to reality in drawing before commencing the construction.

We do not compromise in quality or sub-standard construction. We infuse interior design and architecture together as harmonious building theme, holding to our core principle – Premium Service, Premium Quality.

We take pride in our work and rest assured that you will be delighted with the top quality and pleasant result at the end of the day.